The alchemical elements


This series of black and white illustrations explore the intriguing symbology of middle ages alchemy through contemporary compositions. Each image depicts one basic element: Air, Fire, Earth, Water: 🜁 πŸœ‚ πŸœƒ πŸœ„ in a non-obvious way by using related motifs open to interpretation.

Air 🜁 , 9 doors, Mercury ☿, the Caduceus & Hera and Heracles creating the Milky Way
Fire πŸœ‚, Sulfur 🜍, the peacock and the pelican, & the Son ☼
Earth πŸœƒ, the White Swan, Salt πŸœ” & Silver & The Daughter☽
Water πŸœ„, the Mandrake Root, the Universal Seed & the Homunculus: beginning & end.

Alchemical language is based on very specific symbology and metaphorical meanings, unknown for many but certainly very effective for those who can understand it. What is the intentionality of nine doors? What if those doors are led by the Mercury symbol ☿, which is usually linked to the mind? My work strives to encourage the audience to draw those subtle connections and come up with narratives for each piece on their own.

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