printmaking practices in the digital age


This book is a physical depiction of my dissertation ‘Printmaking practices in the Digital Age’, it proofs the present value of a 100% crafted book since it was entirely screen-printed by hand. What’s more, both the hard cover and the first page of each chapter show carnivorous plants decorations which were drawn by hand with ink on drafting film and printed on hand-made paper. And last but not least, the book is beautifully bound using coptic binding to enable a completely flat opening.

Additionally, a fragment of the conclusion is presented on a A3 equally hand printed poster which works as a present ‘Manifesto for Craftsmen and Printmakers in the Digital Age’. It is a three colours photo-lithograph hand-finished with watercolours in a limited edition of 8. It presents 10 terms which, in my opinion and according to those professionals interviewed, describe what makes crafts and printmaking survive over the decades despite technological innovations threatening manual labour. Likewise, the text included in the poster suggests a metaphor between the living cycle of carnivorous plants and the resistance power of printmakers.

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