Elephant Crafts #Bauhaus100


Elephant Crafts’ is a tribute to the crafts, the workshop labour, and specially to printmakers in the 100 anniversary of the Bauhaus. This stop motion was inspired by the juxtaposition of ‘The Dancing Dwarf‘, a story by Haruki Murakami and the colourful and geometric Triatic Ballet by Oskar Schlemmer, choreographer and painter of the Bauhaus. All the elements on the screen are produced using analogue methods and avoiding digital technology whenever it was possible.

Over 180 cut-outs elements from 105 dry-point prints and 21 photo-lithographs were used to depict the craftsmen working on the creation of an elephant. The intertitles are fragments from the Bauhaus Manifesto by Walter Gropius and are produced as photograms.

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