Series of illustrations inspired by the night, by those landscapes only reachable in dreams, by those slightly surreal cocktails mixed by our unconsciousness: 

it’s the vastest desert 
w/ endless hourglasses 
and an omnipresent 
orange smell. 
It’s obviously 
a permanent night .

is an endless ocean
where lovers encounter at night 
by the light of the sleepless lighthouse 
and the dancing stars
is a volcano,
in the middle of the ocean. 
Nobody knows
if it went dormant
for it serves as a sunflower vase now 
or else, 
it is so active,
its lava became petals 
of the three flowers of the sun
In Dreamland
you can find
loooong glasses of wine 
and the overnight 
chess game of the Queens
inspired by a daydreaming 
scene in an unknown street
of Florence

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